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How Grendon Parish Council Works For Its Community

Grendon Parish Council has an important role to play in the life of the Grendon community including:

  • Community Representation:
    Grendon Parish Council serve as a direct link between the community and North Warwickshire Borough Council. We represent the views and interests of local residents, addressing their concerns and advocating for their needs at council meetings.
  • Decision Making:
    Our Parish Council meetings play a vital role discussing and voting on matters that affect Grendon Parish, such as planning applications, local services, and budgets.
  • Local Services:
    As a Parish Council we are concerned about the services and amenities in Grendon and are involved in recommendinf improvements to services like parks, street lighting, and recreational facilities.
  • Community Engagement:
    At Grendon Parish Council it is important to us to engage with the community so that we can gather information and feedback on how to benefit the area.
  • Budget Management:
    Our Councillors manage the council's finances, allocating funds to various projects and services. Information about this can be found on our Parish Minutes.
  • Policy Development:
    At Grendon Parish Council we want to develop, and implement, local policies and strategies that enhance the quality of life within the our parish. We are constrained by what we do, but we are always looking to serve our community as best we can.
  • Planning and Development:
    As you will be aware the Councillors at Grendon Parish do have a say in local planning decisions relating to Grendon, including land use, housing, and development proposals.
  • Environmental Initiatives:
    We are always looking for ways to support sustainability efforts and environmental projects within the community.
  • Collaboration:
    Our Parish Councillors often collaborate with other local authorities and organisations to address regional issues.

In essence, the role of Grendon Parish Council is to serve as a crucial link between our community and the local government, working as best we can to improve the well-being and quality of life for our residents.